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Landscaped TreeEven though we live in Minnesota, where our lawns are “seasonal visitors”, they are still living, breathing organisms that need proper Spring, Summer, and Fall care to ensure their health and sustainability. At Looking Good Lawn & Landscape Maintenance we possess the in-depth knowledge, vital skill, proper equipment, and intense commitment needed to promote the continued growth and healthy appearance of your lawn, trees, hedges and landscapes.


As a full-service grounds maintenance company serving the St. Cloud, MN area, we are fully insured and strive to keep up with the latest lawn care applications. Our professional services include:

Whether you contract us for on-going lawn maintenance or simply need assistance with a one-time Spring or Fall yard clean-up, we are here for you. We can prep your yard in the Spring by performing de-thatching treatments and tree pruning. And in the Fall, we can winterize your irrigation system and perform a final fertilization application.


At Looking Good Lawn & Landscape Maintenance we even provide one-time, personalized yard-grooming services prior to big outdoor events… so think of us when you’re planning your next graduation party, wedding reception, or outdoor family gathering. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs or to learn more about any of our lawn and landscape maintenance services.

Well-Groomed Lawn

Lawn Mowing

You just worked a full day, so leave the lawn to us. When you work with Looking Good, we handle the mower maintenance, perform the lawn mowing, and even tackle those pesky grass clippings.


As a leading property maintenance company we service residential, commercial and lakeshore properties throughout Central Minnesota.  Minnesota’s summers are short, don’t spend precious hours mowing, hauling and fixing… call Looking Good to arrange weekly lawn mowing services (320-420-3497).

Grass Blades & Roots

Core Aerating & De-Thatching

While aerating and de-thatching aren’t necessary for keeping your grass growing, they are some of the best practices for maintaining a healthy lawn.


Aeration is the task of pulling soil plugs or cores out of your lawn. The cores are typically 2” - 3” deep and provide a variety of benefits.

  • Minimizes soil compaction allowing grass roots to grow easier
  • Provides easier access for nutrients and water to reach the root system
  • Decreases thatch build-up
  • Provides increased effectiveness for over-seeding

De-thatching is another practice that helps promote the health and appearance of your grass and overall lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead grass and debris (pine needles, leaves, etc.) that accumulates between the grass blades and the soil. Excess thatch build-up can starve your soil and grass roots of air, water, and vital nutrients, essentially suffocating them. De-thatching is the practice of removing the debris layer, allowing your grass and soil the ability to “breath.”


From aerating to de-thatching, we’ve got your lawn needs covered at Looking Good Lawn & Landscape Mainteannce. Contact us to give your grass a head start this Spring.

Yard Covered in Fall Leaves

Spring, Fall & Storm Cleanup Services

Lawn and yard maintenance is typically an on-going process throughout the overall growing season; however, increased attention is often needed during the Spring and Fall. Whether a residential yard or commercial lawn, we can insure that your property continues to look it’s best during the two most task-intensive lawn care seasons.


Our clean-up services at Looking Good include leaf and debris removal from your landscaping, driveway, deck/patio, and overall lawn. For more in-depth cleanups, we can provide weeding, hedge trimming, tree pruning, and de-thatching.

Well Groomed Lawn & Manicured Landscape

Fertilizing Applications

Pull up a lawn chair and watch your grass grow healthy, strong, thick and vibrant with our professional fertilizing applications at Looking Good Lawn & Landscape Maintenance. Taking your budget, family safety, environmental aspects, and specific grass type into consideration, we can develop a fertilization program customized to your needs.


We utilize industry leading products, and time fertilization applications in the most effective manner possible for your lawn. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a free estimate.

Pruned Shrubs

Tree & Shrub Pruning

At Looking Good we know that a good looking yard doesn’t only include the grass, which is why we provide professional tree and shrub pruning services. With our pruning applications, we shear and hand prune shrubs and/or trees to a neat, even form.


This provides a clean look for your property, protects siding and windows from damage due to unwanted overgrowth, and promotes increased shrub and/or tree health. And of course, we cleanup all the clipping, taking them with us for proper disposal.